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Flexible shoes for infants and kids

Made in USA

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 About Us

Our History

Soft leather bootie
Bear Feet began in an attempt to create the perfect baby shoe - soft and non-constricting, but also stylish. Thus the classic Little Bear Feet infant bootie was designed, hand-cut and hand-sewn out of a tiny scrap of leather. In 1985, in Austin Texas, the name Bear Feet was born and the shoe company began.

Bear Feet began selling to small stores with similar philosophy, such as Whole Foods Market in their very first store in Austin, TX. In the early 90s, as the company grew, orders were coming in from all over the country. Bear Feet quickly  established a reputable name and over the years created lines for companies such as Burberry Baby, Strasburg, and Earthlings.

We have grown over the years and although some things have changed one thing remains the same - our unconditional commitment to quality. Today our shoes are still handmade in USA of US and European materials.

Our philosophy

Bear Feet are made in USA. We use mostly American-made supplies, including our soling material and most of our leather. Our buckles, thread, and specialized leathers (metallic and glittery) are supplied from Italy and Germany.

Our shoes are artisan made with special attention given to every shoe, which makes each and every one of them particularly unique.
Natural crepe rubber - Hevea tree
We believe in using as many natural or organic products as possible. We produce no chemical waste, donate our 2nds and scrap leather, and keep a low stock since our products are made to order.

The soles on our rubber soled shoes are made from the sap of the
Hevea tree. The rubber is tapped in a process similar to maple sugaring, preserving the life of the tree. This sustainable method of soling is ecologically superior to other companies' who use petroleum based plastics and rubber.

All of our leather is a byproduct of animals that have been raised for the meat. The animals have not been hunted or raised for their skin.

Why Bear Feet are Best!

Bear Feet are unique in that they mold to the shape of the foot instead of forcing the foot to conform. They are more flexible than most shoes, which is important because children are not heavy enough to fully flex most other soles. Virtually all shoes that come from factories today are pre-shaped to the form of an "ideal" foot with thermoforming plastics sewn between the upper and the lining - this is not the case with our shoes. We all know that every foot is unique, and that is why we let the foot shape our shoes and not the other way around. There are various studies to suggest that walking bare foot is actually better for the growth of children's feet and the only purpose of shoes should be to protect the feet. Of course, we think shoes should be stylish too, so Bear Feet are offered in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Product attributes

Our leathers are high quality top-grain, suede, metallic, patent, and nubuck. Our metal parts are steel or brass, our crystals are Genuine Swarovski. We guarantee all craftsmanship of our stitching, rivets, eyelets, buckles and soles. If any of these parts should fail, please email sales@bearfeet.com or call 1-800-473-0641.

Bear Feet...'cause bare feet are best!




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